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Decentralization of ecommerce is accelerating. We’re leading the way.

Fundamentally, web3 is about transparency, aligned incentives and distribution of influence — it’s about empowering communities of people to create, express and share, all while earning a greater share of the economic pie.

At, we build transformational products that thrive at the intersection of web3 and ecommerce. Our goal is to push power, capability, growth and economic ownership out towards the edges of the ecommerce ecosystem to fans, enthusiasts, and creators.


Crowdsourcing the world’s most accurate commerce knowledge base.

Online commerce is a complex, messy, imperfect endeavor involving data and information that is often elusive, stale or trapped in silos. Why is finding a working discount code for a niche retailer still a time-consuming (and annoying) process? Why is finding unbiased, trustworthy reviews still difficult? Why is investing in cryptocurrencies or purchasing NFTs such a risky and fraught process? is a commerce knowledge company. We run crowdsourcing platforms, including Knoji, SimplyCodes and Favely, that ingest inputs (edits, shares, reviews) from thousands of users about millions of entities including retailers, manufacturers, products, digital assets and blockchains. This feedback enables us to maintain the world’s most accurate database of knowledge about commerce entities worldwide and power truly reliable, accurate, useful shopping experiences for our shoppers.

Our properties.

Better coupons, powered by community. Simplycodes logo
Better coupons, powered by community.

SimplyCodes is the first web3 coupon tool. More codes for more stores, earn crypto while you shop and share.

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Ambassadorships built for lasting success. fvly logo
Creator marketplace emphasizing sales conversions.

Creator partnerships should be lasting ambassadorships with a focus on driving real sales.

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The world’s hub for answers and reviews on all things shopping. knoji-logo
The world’s shopping discussion board. Built for shopping.

Through community built on web3 principles, Knoji’s mission is to be the place to find and share authentic reviews and opinions on the things we buy.

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Operating at scale.

Our products reach millions of consumers, helping them make
better decisions and acquire the things they’ll love every day.


ecommerce volume annually.


shopping decisions facilitated daily.


shopping answers verified.


community inputs daily.


staff globally.


equity partners.

Meet our

Michael Quoc has been innovating in the social commerce space for over a decade. Formerly serving as Director of product innovation at Yahoo, Michael specializes in recognizing seismic shifts in technology, economics and culture and translating those into disruptive new product concepts. He founded to realize his vision to create a better way to shop, driven by community and decentralization.

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Achieve big things. Have fun doing it.

We’re a distributed global team, with our core leadership staff based out of our Los Angeles headquarters. As a close knit team, we believe in working hard and playing hard, but most importantly we share a passion for building products that empower millions of people and make a positive difference in their lives.

When we’re not working we’re checking out the best Korean BBQ spots LA has to offer, learning and tasting wine, playing sports and racing triathlons, and otherwise geeking out to the latest trends in design, software and web3. As an equity partnership, we have complete economic alignment with profits being shared with all core employees.

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Employees are eligible to become equity partners in Equity partners earn a share of the company’s overall profits, and this share increases with performance and tenure. We believe in aligning the economic outcomes of our team with the company to create the most focused, driven culture around our shared success. Our tenured Partners are experiencing exit-level economics in their ongoing compensation packages.

There’s a positive energy here because we’re aligned and executing at a high level, as a team.
glglobebal staff.

Commerce is global. So are we.

Jenesis Lerin Jenesis Lerin SimplyCodes VA Manager
Maria Pedrilyn Panal Maria Pedrilyn Panal Monetization VA Manager
Max Arias Max Arias Senior Frontend Engineer
Luciano Milen Luciano Milen Full Stack Engineer
Rey Bangas Rey Bangas Knoji VA Manager
Gabriel Machado Gabriel Machado Backend Engineer
Vitor Almeida Vitor Almeida Backend Engineer
Luís Filipe Severgnini Luís Filipe Severgnini Senior Fullstack Engineer
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