Brian Stanback

Distinguished Engineer

I help shape the technical direction across development initiatives, spearhead complex/high-risk technical projects, and work with members of our engineering team to ensure that we have a secure, efficient, and maintainable architecture across projects.

My journey

I graduated from Colorado State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Science. After graduation, I started working at Renewable Choice Energy as a software engineer, helping develop internal sales tools and Salesforce pipelines.

A year or two later, the company formed a new group, Mosaic Sustainability, where I helped assemble a small engineering team and lead the development of a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which we used to calculate the greenhouse gas footprint across the supply chain for several Fortune 500 companies. Within the same timeframe, 2009-2012, having a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, I co-founded a couple of small ventures, including a Salesforce-based app and an aerial drone photography business.

In 2013, my now wife, Michelle, convinced me to move from Colorado to California, where I joined and haven’t looked back since. At, I’ve enjoyed the shift from having previously worked on more B2B-focused development to now, where we’re thinking much more about a consumer-facing audience. Over the past ten years at the company, I’ve grown immensely as both a leader and individual contributor. I’ve had the opportunity to constantly learn new things and I continue to evolve my skillset.

What lead me to

What struck me the most when it came to interviewing at, was the way our CEO, Michael Quoc, articulated his vision for the company and his insights into product development and the future of e-commerce. I saw the potential for partnership, growth, and leadership.

Why I choose to work here every day.

I get excited whenever I hear that we’ve helped someone save money. I love our position of being able to empower multiple communities: shoppers, brands, and influencers. I appreciate our almost sole laser focus on creating a great experience for our users. I believe we foster a culture of learning, experimentation, ownership, alignment and growth.

3 things I go all in for.


Cycling and outdoors.

I love getting outdoors and exercising. During the week, I look forward to the weekend when I can disconnect and get in at least one solid bike ride, hike, or other adventure with my wife and our dog, Rex.


Cooking (and eating).

I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly great at cooking but I find it relaxing and simultaneously love the challenge of learning about different techniques, nutrition, chemical reactions, etc and pushing myself to try and create restaurant-quality food.


New technology and web3.

I’m generally an early adopter and love to dabble in things like AR, VR, 3D printing, drones, etc. I also enjoy checking the communities and individual empowerment that emerge from trends like web2 and now web3.

The value I feel most strongly. about is...

Innovation As a builder and early adopter, this is one of the values I am most focused on. It’s important to me that this value shines through in all of our websites, extensions, and apps. I’m very interested about what’s going on in the broader e-commerce and retail spaces, it’s fascinating how changes in technology can change how people shop and choose to interact with brands.

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