Cliff Dong

VP of Data & Growth

I'm focused on driving user and revenue growth across our apps through marketing investments and data-informed product strategies

My journey

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and graduated in 2.5 years from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor's in Finance. Though I started my career in entertainment PR, the tech startup world is where I discovered my passion for data. I spent time in product at Kosmix (acq. by Walmart), was the first data analytics hire at Flurry (acq. by Yahoo), and spent 2 years in Copenhagen leading analytics for Issuu. When the growth discipline was heating up I naturally gravitated towards it as the intersection of marketing, data analytics, and applied math. In 2017 I returned to SF to lead Growth at Digit (acq. by Oportun).

Focusing on Growth has allowed me to work on a variety of problems across a broad range of products and business models. I've loved taking on a heterogeneous set of challenges and it's what led me to join

What lead me to

I've worked in tech startups for my entire career and have had multiple exits, so I'm familiar with how the drive towards a liquidity event can negatively impact teams. is pioneering a different startup model designed to foster an enduring culture of excellence and truly align the team around ambitious long term goals. I'm excited to be a part of it.

Why I choose to work here every day.

Every day I get to work with people who are smart, talented, and motivated. We work on a diverse set of hard problems in an intellectually stimulating and collaborative environment. It’s by design and it’s awesome.

3 things I go all in for.



After participating in the Junior X Games and captaining my high school wrestling team I switched to a less physically intense hobby. I carry a low single digit handicap and my favorite club is the 3 iron.


Vertical Farming.

I think food scarcity will be one of the most significant problems in my lifetime. I nerd out on this developing innovation and I follow it closely.



From playing saxophone in my high school jazz band to attending Ultra in Miami, music has always been a big part of my life. It's not unusual to find me with my Shure earphones in while crunching numbers.

The value I feel most strongly. about is...

Innovation Driving towards new and better ways to do things is what gets me up in the morning. Best practices are table stakes, it's the less obvious conclusions that drive innovation and produce the greatest growth. At we foster an environment for innovation and it's evident in how curious and open minded our team is.

Your next chapter starts here.

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