Michael Quoc

CEO & Founder

As CEO, my job is to define a clear mission for the company, build a world class team, and ensure we all have the resources we need to succeed.

My journey

Growing up in Cupertino next to Apple's first campus and with two software engineers as parents, I've been immersed in the Silicon Valley ethos as far back as I can remember. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I built a career in tech, from running product at startups, working in venture finance and eventually leading the product innovation group at one of the world's leading internet companies of the time, Yahoo.

I started Demand.io to apply principles of rapid innovation, community UX, and collaborative team management to solve hard problems in e-commerce.

Why I choose to work here every day.

I often find myself awe struck by the team here at Demand.io. I’m humbled by the incredible level of passion, intelligence, creativity and skill I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. I really feel grateful to be working alongside such talented people - my team inspires me and drives me to be more focused and achieve me each day.

3 things I go all in for.



Nothing excites me more than confronting difficult problems, then designing completely new and novel ways to solve them.


Design & aesthetics.

Online and offline, I love beautiful design, simplicity and elegance in form and function. I get excited when we design new experiences that look beautiful and provide high utility.


Web3 & decentralization.

We're in a unique period in history when humans are breaking out of old social and economic frameworks and belief systems which have stymied progress, innovation and individual empowerment. The blockchain era will reshape the world and improve the quality of life for billions of people.

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