Monae Martin

Business Development Manager

I manage and grow our brand partnerships scaling company revenue.

My journey

I graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. My journey to the tech world has been very different from those around me. What really lead me to were my MBA program courses. I developed an interest in business and fell in the love with the complexity of tech.

I enjoy the ever-developing world that technology provides and how there’s always a new idea around the corner. Since starting at, I’ve felt that I’ve learned ten times the amount that I thought I would and it only continues to grow more everyday. I believe that you learn by doing and that is regularly demonstrated in our company.

What lead me to

I loved the autonomy the employees had at and how much passion everyone had for the company. There aren’t many companies where everyone genuinely enjoys coming to work and that is what attracted me to the most. I believe when you like coming to work and you have good people around you, it only makes you want to work even harder for the team.

Why I choose to work here every day.

I choose to work here everyday because of how collaborative and helpful our team is. We all move as working parts and genuinely put time into what we do each and everyday for It’s exciting to brainstorm ideas with your colleagues and eventually see those ideas built into our products.

3 things I go all in for.


Foodie vibes.

If you get to know me I’m sure you’ll find that I love trying new things, restaurants in particular. I even have a list in my notes of new LA restaurants that I need to try!



I’m very passionate about self-care. Taking care of yourself is the first step to being great in anything that you do. I love pilates, wellness activities, and healthy food.



My family and friends are a passion of mine! I love dragging them to try new things and travel.

The value I feel most strongly. about is...

Continuous growth. All of our efforts are put in place to be scaleable. We are always looking to expand in different creative ways and really maximize our potential. My role in monetization is directly related to this value but it resonates with me on a company-wide level as well.

Your next chapter starts here.

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