Sean Gartland

VP of Product

As VP of Product, I craft a vision for our properties we can rally around and develop strategies to deliver world class experiences that our customers will love

My journey

Growing up in North Carolina in the 90’s with big tech companies like IBM nearby, I grew a fascination for technology — most notably how things were built and what lead those who made it to build it the way they did. That fascination lead me to pursue a degree in UX and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at UNC Chapel Hill. I built a career as a UX Designer, later leading design teams at ESPN, Rotten Tomatoes and others before shifting into more strategic roles in Product where I could maximize my impact on growing the products.

At the core of every company I worked at was this focus on building products for communities — from sports fans to moviegoers to tech enthusiasts, building experiences that connect people in ways that deliver value is what gets me up every day.

What lead me to

I vividly remember my first conversation with Mike, CEO and founder of, because it was the first time I felt an instantly shared passion and drive for building customer-driven products. I began to see how threaded this user-focused mindset into the DNA of everything they did, from operations to revenue strategy to engineering to the partner program.

It was clear that was committed to building through great people and empowering them to do their best work — distributing the value of that success through a partner program and more recently, directly to our users themselves. Leading product for a media lab that owns and operates multiple apps, focusing on consumer pain points to drive product decisions rather than squeezing revenue out of products regardless of the value you delivered, was all I needed to know to make the leap to join.

Why I choose to work here every day.

My motivation to work at every day is simple — people, purpose and impact. I know for myself, working with great people that share your passion and energy for the work is bar none the most important. We put a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into our hiring process and retain a shared commitment as a company to only bringing in great people that continue to inspire us.

Next for me is purpose, I just love our clear purpose for making shopping better, more fun and rewarding. I’ve spent a good portion of my career in ecommerce and love working on all the complex challenges intersecting consumers, brands and creators. The space is constantly evolving and web3 is only going to unlock more innovation that I can’t wait to be a part of.

Finally is impact, which starts at the top of the company and trickles downward. We believe in autunomous working and empowering each individual on the team to think boldly and make decisions quickly based on a shared set of core values. I love the innovative spirit that brings to the working environment and how empowered that makes me feel to do phenomenal work.

3 things I go all in for.


Great design.

I’ve always had a passion for design and aesthetics in all things. From software to architecture to consumer products to food, I appreciate the craft.



There’s something magical about the art and spirit of wine, it’s my second passion. I’m an active WSET student pursuing a Master of Wine status at some point in life.



I’m a huge proponent of personal style and love the freedom of expression that comes from what you wear. From sneakers to clothing, I love playing with styles.

The value I feel most strongly. about is...

Empowerment As a product leader focused on delivering maximum value to our customers with speed, I truly believe in empowering our development teams to make decisions and do their best work. What I find so unique about working at is the incredible empowerment we all feel to drive our careers and succcess. It’s threaded into the DNA of the company, starting and ending with alignment on our mission and purpose. As a manager I’m always challenging my team to get to the next level and ensure they’re rewarded and recognized for the incredible things they do.

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