Three Lakes Watershed Association

A volunteer organization focused on protecting and improving the quality of life in the area of Lake Granby Reservoir, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, and Grand Lake.

Our activities in recent years have been predominately centered on improving the clarity of the water in both Shadow Mountain Reservoir and Grand Lake. Specifically, we maintain contact with the Town of Grand Lake, Grand County, U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Colorado River District, Northwest Colorado Counsel of Governments, Grand County Water Information Network, and over 475 Three Lakes Watershed Association Members. We rely on our members’ time and expertise to make our voice heard on some of the most pressing issues in our community. We invite you to review our website and click on “Get Involved” to join us in our mission to preserve the quality in the three lakes area.

Photos courtesy of Three Lakes Watershed Association


Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (CWQCC) Passes Clarity Standard for Grand Lake. The CWQCC have officially passed new revisions to the Classifications and Numeric Standards for Upper Colorado River Basin and North Platte River (Planning Region 12), Regulation 33.56 (5 CCR 1002-33). This new standard sets a 3.8 meter clarity standard in Grand Lake from July 1st through September 11 each year and puts a minimum of 2.5 meters based on certain critical factors.

This was a huge win for Grand Lake and was truly a team effort led by members of Three Lakes Watershed Association, Town of Grand Lake, Bureau of Reclamation, Grand County, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, USGS, Colorado River District, Northwest Colorado Counsel of Governments, and Midwest Electric Consumers. The standard will be in place for 5 years and will allow the Bureau of Reclamation to develop a long term solution to a problem that has existed since the construction of the Colorado Big Thompson Project in the late 1940’s.