Current Initiatives


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Process Starts to Develop Permanent Fix for Clarity Issues

Members of Three Lakes Watershed Association have joined members of Town of Grand Lake, Bureau of Reclamation, Grand County, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, USGS, Colorado River District, and Northwest Colorado Counsel of Governments to develop alternatives through the NEPA process to permanently fix the design flaws with the Colorado Big Thompson Project in Grand Lake. The following links will take you to the backup and the regulation passed by the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission for the new Grand Lake clarity standard passed on 5/9/2016 and finalized on 6/30/2016.


  • Restore the Headwaters Initiative

    Several years ago, we merged into your Association the Greater Grand Lake Shoreline Association which gave us 501 C(3) status, as well as resolving competing interests. At a board meeting in April, we agreed to merge into our Association the Restore The Headwaters organization, an entity that has been active in sending complementary messages through social media. The board has also agreed to fund development of a new website that will allow for more efficient dues collections and information distribution.   Click Here

  • Clarity Update and Appeal

    Three Lakes Watershed Association (“TLWSA”) Grand Lake Clarity Standard Update and Appeal from Scally O’Donnell, President.   Click Here

  • Ten Reasons to Join

    Ten Reasons to Join Three Lakes Watershed Association.   Click Here

  • TLWSA Application

    With your $25.00 dues, you will receive periodic updates on issues facing our community.   Click Here

  • Dec 2014 TLWSA Update

    TLWSA presentation to Grand Lake Clarity Stakeholders, December 18, 2014.   Download